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Description of the Object   

Origin of the Object

It was found in the middle of the nature on the ground by native trackers during a hunting expedition in Sénégal near the Mali border (next to Tombacounda locality). They considered it important and brought it to the owner of the hunt concession, which leads to think that this kind of stone must be very unusual in the area. (Every tracker knows perfectly his environement). It's in 1992 I became the owner of the object.

The object has an elongated cylindrical shape (with protuberances) and is about 8 inches long (20cm) and 3 inches (7cm) large. It's surface - very hard - is black and shining once cleaned, the inside is silvery with yellow glints. It's very little magnetic, but very dense, it's 17lb (8kg) weight is surprising for it's volume and it emits a faint ferrous smell.

These characteristics, and especially the "vitrified" look of it's surface remind us of a meteorite.

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analysis by the Laboratoire des Matériaux, Surface et Procédés pour la Catalyse of Strasbourg

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