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" The health of Man is the reflection of that of the Earth " Héraclite.


As shown by scientific studies, scarcely thirty years of hasty behaviours and thoughtless consumption have been enough to destroy 30% of the supports of our lives! Don't you think it's time to make a break and change your attitude?

Indeed, this website that is an elixir against "brainwashing" provides the solutions to put the situation right! The pill of knowledge has not been invented yet! As a result, this terse and incisive website is not for those whose motto is: "I want everything, right now and effortlessly"... Just take the time you need… and you won't be disappointed.

So you have to "take your time" and "take it easy": that means to adapt your availability to this website -and not the opposite, as every measure to ease your reading have been taken.

Finally, everything that you will read in this page is just tiny a part (amongst thousands) of a jigsaw: so do not hurry to draw any conclusion! Keep in mind that it's neither possible to SEE nor to understand a picture, before you have understood its AIM.

''Getting flustered means losing self-control" Lao Tseu tao to king, 26

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The haste is the essential cause of all the incomprehensions.


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This work deserves all your attention, because it has NO equivalent ! is above all a personal and original work, and not one from a group or organization, it results from a book written in 1997 and that had not found a publisher because written by an unknown. It is extremely deep : the french version has 135 URL pages, 49 of which are here translated in english : they expose essential to know ideas that can be checked, which is unusual. Because of this, it arises the enhusiasm and the unanimity of about one thousand readers a day, that for most of them, take the time to read it and to think about it, which can be seen by the length of their presence.

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